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23:38 <Jeserator> How do I find out my player card ID? 23:38 <Jeserator> to use with the...
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23:49 <Deathgirl12> D: 23:49 <Kill1mes> Since when did you have acne 23:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis...
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Virtual Holyland Bible Prophecy Chat Log - Trumpet Sounds
... <farrell-VHL> 2The Lord is blessing us by bringing in new members to the chat:) [20:19 ... [20:28] <Toria-VHL> 5Light, where is your family? [20:28] <elinor-VHL ... renee-VHL [] has quit IRC (renee-VHL has left the room) [22:08] <Bezalel-VHL> 2That is great ...

howdoIlive -
[20:22] <sallowKermode> nic cage's already got arms, numbnuts [20:22] <Gabu> numpnuts [20:22] <ClockworkYandere> Ffff when your hair gets long enough, every move of your head results in a Vriska hair flip [20:22] <johnnyRocket> Come on, I wanna see some Buscemi

Virtual Holyland Bible Prophecy Chat Log - Trumpet Sounds
... <HostBob> Welcome to Virtual Holy Land Prophecy Chat! [20:01] <HostBob> Tonight, we ... <jazene-VHL> 3Yea apple all one big happy family. [20:14] <applecheeks-VHL> 3it ... [] has quit IRC (Vinny-VHL has left the room) [22:09] <gigi-VHL> I am right about this ...
[22:00] * Whis looks across the room. [22:02] * Whis gives the cake to Joanna Smithson. [22:02] <Whis> Here, ... [20:07] <Kakanue> (( the college has blocked chatango...i dont have sidebar or private chat ><)) [20:07] <Aratasujou> (( That sucks. Why are they blocking it?))

Family Chat Room News Family dinners may help kids cope with cyberbullying
By Kathryn Doyle NEW YORK (Reuters Health)

How Family Responsibilities Get You Fired
Some kinds of family obligations can get you fired, and they

Grieving family: 'Heart goes out' to girl in Uzi accident
The grieving family of the Arizona instructor accidentally shot and killed by a girl learning to fire an Uzi expressed sympathy for the 9-year-old.

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